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Safety-critical working group - Call for contributions

The Safety-Critical working group is (finally) up and running and ready for contributions! We have chosen as our first goal, and no doubt an ongoing goal in parallel with any future activities, to create a catalogue of architectural patterns commonly used in safety-critical systems, including descriptions of how to achieve them in ROS. The Safety Pattern Catalogue will hopefully become a useful resource of information, sample code, and ready-to-use nodes/constructs for robotics engineers building safety-critical robots with ROS. Although it is currently empty, we are going to begin contributing content right away and call on anyone with knowledge or interest or just plain motivation to also contribute to filling out existing patterns and proposing existing ones.

The working group’s site is located here.

You can find the repository for the site here. To propose new content for the site or new sample code, make a pull request against that repository.

The working group currently meets every two weeks 23:00 on a Thursday. The next meeting will take place at Thursday, October 24, 2019 2:00 PM (TZ). For a calendar showing the time of the next meeting, subscribe to the ROS events calendar. You can get an invitation to the working group’s meetings, which will be recorded in your own calendar, by joining the Safety Critical WG event group. This is particularly useful as it will automatically update any changes in meeting time.

The minutes from today’s meeting can be found here.