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Self-Driving Development Platform Hacking Based On ROS-For Engineers and Hackers

Open Source Self-Driving Development Platform Hacking

Key Words
FIVE Days/ TEN Engineers/ TWO Groups/TWO-mile Park Road Test/TWO Self-driving Vehicles

What’s In There:

  • Move-it Hackathon is a five-day hands-on workshop during which ten talented engineers (divided into two groups) worldwide collaborate with each other to build an affordable (within $10K excluding various sensors) drive-by-wire development platform for self-driving.

  • On the last day, there will be a small and fun race between the two groups. The whole hackathon process and outputs will be open to the public in various ways.

  • Meanwhile, the most special and unique experiences are created for global engineers: collaborative development, fabrication workshop, social parties, keynote speech, mentor communication and local exploration etc… You are bound to get inspired.

What To Hack

  • Hacking of car control, both lateral and longitudinal controls, to achieve drive-by-wire

  • Self-driving setup and test of 1/16 scale car powered by Raspberry Pi

  • Installation and test run of self-driving software Autoware on full-sized car

C-Zone Hackspace, Guiyang, Guizhou, China

March 9th to March 13th 2018 (Five days)

The ultimate goal of Move-It Hackathon is to co-create an open, democratized, affordable and reliable by-wire control development platform for self-driving. More details can be found here

We’ll make full arrangement for the development components & accessories stuff, also free accommodation & foods, and reimbursement for transportation. Check Move-it FAQ here

Surprise and prize for Move-it Hackathon participants!
Contact: Email to or call at 0086.18111991219 for any questions or concerns

Apply Move-it Hackathon here

This sounds like a cool thing, but does it have anything to do with moveit? If not, I’d really recommend you change the name of the hack-a-thon, since it’s likely to confuse ROS users.

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Hi. Thanks for pointing that out and I really appreciate it. The hackathon is not related to MoveIt! and the name is a coincidence :joy: The hackathon aims to hack an affordable development platform for self-driving. I’m so sorry for any confusion

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That really confused me also :smiley: