Senior Graphics and UI Developer - Laza Medical

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Laza Medical is growing its software development team, this time in the graphics and UI space. We are seeking a person experienced with QT, 3D graphics, and ROS2. An ideal candidate would have experience with both native and web application development, understanding of 3D graphic pipelines, and how to integrate GUIs in a ROS2 system.

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About Laza Medical

Laza Medical, a Shifamed Portfolio Company, is at the forefront of developing state-of-the-art imaging solutions for cardiovascular applications. Our mission is to democratize top-quality cardiovascular imaging using robotics and AI. To learn more about Laza Medical, please visit .

About Shifamed

Founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Amr Salahieh, Shifamed LLC is a privately held medical technology incubator focused on the development of novel medical products to address clinical needs in the rapidly evolving fields of cardiology and ophthalmology.

We are currently seeking a talented Senior Graphics and UI Software Developer to join our team, focusing on the development and enhancement of user interfaces for our robotic medical imaging devices. This role is ideal for someone passionate about creating intuitive, high-performance user interfaces at the interface of medical professional and robotics. The candidate will work closely with our UX design team to refine and implement designs, develop custom interfaces for 3D model interactions, and adapt interfaces for both mobile and web platforms. Experience with 3D graphics libraries and a strong background in C++ development are essential.

Responsibilities, Skills & Hands-On Experience

  • Qt User Interface Development: Design, develop, and implement user interfaces using Qt for medical imaging devices, ensuring high performance and responsiveness.
  • Collaboration with UX Design Team: Work closely with the UX design team to iterate on designs based on user feedback and testing, implementing changes to enhance user experience.
  • 3D Model Interaction: Develop custom interfaces for interacting with 3D models of medical imagery, leveraging experience with 3D graphics libraries such as OpenGL or Vulcan.
  • Cross-Platform UI Development: Adapt or create user interfaces for mobile devices and websites, ensuring consistency and usability across platforms.
  • Software Design Best Practices: Implement good design practices focusing on low latency, fast feedback, and exposing key interfaces to enhance user interaction and satisfaction.
  • Strong C++ Development: Demonstrate strong proficiency in C++ development, adhering to good software development practices including code review, version control, and automated testing.
  • Independent Prototyping: Work independently, comfortable with prototyping new systems and interfaces with minimal guidance, quickly turning concepts into functional prototypes.
  • Preferred – Medical Imaging Experience: Preferably have experience working with common medical imaging technologies such as CT, MRI, X-Ray, and/or ultrasound.
  • Preferred - Robotics Systems Experience: Preferably have experience working with robotic systems, specifically ROS, to integrate and control robotics elements within medical devices.

Preferred Skills & Hands-On Experience

  • Experience with medical imaging is highly desirable.
  • Experience in developing user interfaces for mobile devices and web platforms.
  • Experience with robotic systems, specifically ROS, is a plus.
  • Strong experience with 3D graphics libraries such as OpenGL or VTK.
  • Demonstrated understanding of good design practices, including considerations for low latency and fast user feedback.
  • Excellent C++ programming skills, with a commitment to following good software development practices.
  • Ability to work independently, with strong problem-solving skills and the capacity to prototype with minimal guidance.

Education & Work Experience

  • Minimum Bachelor’s, Masters or PhD preferred, in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in UI development, specifically with QT, for complex applications, preferably in the medical device industry.
  • 5+ years experience developing with Qt 5/6, C++, and CMake. Typescript experience is a plus.
  • Experience conducting or participating in user interface design studies is a plus.
  • Experience with software development process in a regulated medical device environment is a plus.
  • Experience with software development life cycles including design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance for products or production grade systems.

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