Setting micro_ros_agent ROS_DOMAIN_ID to other than 0

Following this First micro-ROS Application on Linux | micro-ROS and using a raspberry pi4b as host and a pico, I’m able to build the project in a docker container on the pi, build the sample pico_micro_ros_example.uf2, load it into the pico and run the micro_ros_agent, which shows data being sent and received. However, no topic is published using ros2 topic list.

The rest of the ros2 system is set to ROS_DOMAIN_ID=1. When I set the system to ROS_DOMAIN_ID=0, then I see the /pico_publisher topic.

Question - where is the micro_ros_agent’s ROS_DOMAIN_ID set to 0 where that can be changed to 1 for example.

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The answer can found in the micro ros documentation on this page Nodes | micro-ROS

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