[solved] ROSCon / IROS '23 date and venue discrepancy?

Hi, I was doing some planning, and I’ve noticed IROS '23 is planned to Oct 1-5 in Detroit, while ROSCon is Oct 18 - 20 in New Orleans. I was used to these two to stick together to make travel arrangements easier. What happened?

ROSCon ended its policy of following IROS after 2019; 2022 was an exception due to being too good an opportunity to pass up.


Hello ros developers ,

My name is Davies , a ros developer from Nigeria .I just want to ask if coming roscon 2023 is open to roboticist from Africa .I will really love to attend and also showcase mobile robot project and speak about it . Thanks in advance .

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ROSCon has (and will) always been open for anyone. Once the Call for papers is announced (it will happen on this forum), feel free to propose your talk!

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Thanks for the response .I really appreciate.

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