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Starting a new business providing support to industrial ROS users


I am in the validation phase of my business project and I need a hand to know how is it going for ROS in the real world. So would you please fill my poll, it will only take 2 minutes and is totally anonymous.

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Hi Jorge,

Will you share the results of this survey?

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I guess some context would help relative to this survey. Some questions read as if you are looking for traditional robotic/automation solution providers to provide feedback. If that is the case, which those regularly involved with ROS for industry will tell you, they are not often on Discourse. You will need to work in the trade organization circles and other networks where the traditional automation types will find your survey. Also, it would help to mine out information for folks that are hesitant, i.e. open source is not secure, or it is too complex. What is your target use case? You have the elements around autonomy or IoT type applications, but it would be interesting to get a broad smattering of fields, such as construction, Ag, fabrication automation, and/or energy.

Good luck. I responded as if I am a solution provider. Our team here in Texas helps folks deploy ROS into factories, and seeks to enable teams to become self sufficient in using open source, including ROS, to solve their manufacturing challenges. However, we encounter many traditional automation houses that do not know what ROS is, surprising I know, so very often you have to go to where they are to get some of the feedback you are looking for.




I’ll upload an screen capture when i find out how.

I hope you find it useful.

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