Status page updates: now redirects to

As previously mentioned, we are consolidating the status pages for OSRF web infrastructure. The ROS status page previously at is now no longer available and redirects to

If you have integrations with the status page such as an RSS feed bot, you’ll want to point at the new feed url

Additionally, our new status page provider does not have the ability to provide “secondary” status page updates. So if you were relying on the ROS status page to forward information about the status of then you will want to add a direct integration with


The status page now shows Gazebo buildfarm as okay. But Jenkins tells it is ready for shutdown and is not executing new jobs. Should this also be somehow reflected in the status?

Several of our ongoing processes put the build farm into shutdown mode in order to perform operations like backups. We also have several manual operations which involve putting the build farm into shutdown mode temporarily as part of the process. Both of these are considered part of normal ongoing operations and creating status events for them would reduce the value of other notifications for more serious or unplanned outages. It’s not currently easy to distinguish between purposeful quiet time and unplanned downtime or unusually long maintenance windows in an automated fashion sufficient to trigger alerts on the new status page.

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