STEM initiatives directory

:mega: :muscle: Would you help me build the #STEM initiatives directory?

Hi network! I would like to share with you this repository that I created on GitHub with different STEM #initiatives around the world carried out by volunteers. STEM education is vital to offer equal opportunities to young people and bring them closer to #science, #technology, #engineering and #mathematics. This will help us close the existing gap of underrepresented groups in Robotics :woman_technologist: :man_technologist: .

Some of the goals of making this information available to the #community is to make organizations aware of the need for programs to engage young women who choose STEM fields, to support underrepresented technology communities and to offer valuable mentoring opportunities.

How can you collaborate? It’s pretty simple, just:

:heavy_check_mark: Share this repository with other people who want to help or support these communities.

:heavy_check_mark:Make a PR (pull request) with information from an underrepresented technical community you would like to see featured or a project from a non-profit organization that supports STEM education (Project Name, Description, Country, Link).

:heavy_check_mark: Just email me at with a link to a STEM project or underrepresented non-profit community (make sure to add STEM initiatives as a topic).

:sweat_smile: Bonus track: you can even generate a free meme with this page about things you’ve heard silly about diversity or things you think need to be communicated.

:point_right: Share me! GitHub - kurepa82/STEM-Initiatives: The STEM education fosters creativity and divergent thinking alongside fundamental disciplines. It motivates and inspires young people to generate new technologies and ideas. Industry supportting STEM iniciatives can build bridges to reduce gaps.

#inclusiveworkspaces #diversity #underrepresentedgroups #ros-community


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