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Summer Internships 2016

So, who’s got summer internships for this year that they want to plug?

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I have a bunch of students in EECS 376/476: Mobile Robotics at Case Western Reserve University who’d love to know this info! They all have exposure to ROS, some PCL, and principles of mobile robotic motion planning and theory; some have more!

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OSRF is participating in Google’s summer of code. You can show them the ideas page on OSRF’s wiki hear

Application deadline is March 25, so it’s coming up real soon.

Locus Robotics has some internships available. We’re a robotics startup in the Boston metro area building robots for e-commerce fulfillment. We’re a small team, but moving very quickly. A typical intern should be comfortable with ROS, independent, comfortable with uncertainty, and ideally have some deeper experience with some piece of the mobile robotics puzzle. Generally, our interns find some interesting and relevant problem and develop a solution. Often our interns will actually get to deploy that solution into production. If interested, please email me at

Bossa Nova Robotics also has an intern position. Come to Pittsburgh and be part of the Robotics Retail Revolution!

Maidbot, Inc. is looking for a couple more Robotics Software Engineering interns. Interested students should apply via (which is the equivalent full-time position) and indicate in their cover letter and/or email that they’re applying for a summer internship.