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[TB3] Assembling the TurtleBot3

The TurtleBot3 will be available as a non-assembled product. The two videos below are videos of TurtleBot3 Basic and Premium version. You can see the SBCs and sensors used in each version of TurtleBot3. Though it is a hassle to assemble, I think it is reasonable that the user is a reconfigurable product. What do you think?

Now we have 3 months left to launch. We will do our best to launch cool robots with #OSRF and #Intel.

[Assembling the TurtleBot3 Basic]

[Assembling the TurtleBot3 Premium]


Thanks for sharing this awesome video. Where did you buy all the parts? My friend and I are thinking about putting together one TurtleBot3 premium.

Hi @Xavier,
For information on the ROS’s official platform TurtleBot series, you can find the resources on the official website below. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m a newbie in field of mobile robot. Can you share me the shopping link, where you bought these components online? I’m currently living in Germany. I don not know whether there is kind of website or offline community?

There’s a reseller in Germany. You’ll be able to purchase TurtleBot3 from below link.

Further information regarding the platform can be found from below eManual.