[TB3] Payload Test of TurtleBot3

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How much do you think the appropriate payload of the new turtlebot3?
We tried several tests last week to measure the payload of turtlebot3.

Payload Test of TurtleBot3 @ ROBOTIS Office (using Dynamixel XM-430 for Turtlebot3 Premium)

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Robot specification cloud sourced? Nice!

I assume the question here is the max payload. And I don’t have an answer to that, sorry. Just a comment.

I’m not a robot builder but a software guy, so apologies that I’m likely overlooking technical difficulties. From you video there seems to be discrepancy in the point the robot returns to for almost all weights. Also AFAI understand correctly TB3 is designed to be customizable structure-wise. Provided, software to compensate the payload weight for wheel control seems to be a required component for this robot. So to me the question may become like “what max payload weight should the software handle?”. Hope I’m not mistaken :wink:

Good question!

The reason of the failure of the robot to rotate in this video was a problem of the plate structure. As we put the weight on the robot, the bottom plate hit the floor and could not make the desired turn when it rotated. So, now, we are making the plate stronger and making it easier to assemble.

If I answer your question, the maximum load will depend on the type of hardware you have assembled. For example, the maximum load may vary depending on the torque of the motor used, the method of coupling the plates, and the support used. As you know, the shape of Turtlebot 3 is very diverse. Turtlebot 3 in the video is just one example. Attach a picture of the examples we are currently testing. Please enjoy the following videos and news.

I d like to know when will turtlebot 3 be available ?:smiley: Will it be released in Jan. 2017? Hope I have answer now! Thanks!

Thanks, @Shawnnn
TurtleBot 3 is expected to launch in the spring of 2017. :slight_smile:

So, it would be late in March or April?:sob: So late

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These are amazing, I just heard about the project today (tb3 compared to tb1 which I knew of).

Any chance you can test one with a space in the middle, or even an upside down U shape, because I want to run a gantry along the middle with hopefully cnc 3d print/route/drill along the full length, ideally it would be able to print skeleton supports to drive up as it printed an object.

Imagine it printing a corkscrew pair of ramps which it drove up as the model layers were printed. A bit wasteful until you consider it could then potentially do prints of any size…

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I am very grateful for your advice.
We are working on an improved version of this. Thank you. :slight_smile: