[TB3] Big-sized TurtleBot3 in development (Open Source)

Hello TB3 lovers!

My name is Keith and I am currently a 4th year engineering student who has become part of ROBOTIS Japan a few months ago as a part-time job. We are right now working in the development of a new model of the current TurtleBot3 which will be, of course, open-sourced.

Based on Waffle Pi model and inspired by a New Yorker pizza, the new robot will be close to 1.5 bigger than the current one (details below). The dimensions are about 400mm*400mm and it is expected to reach and overcome 0.3m/s.

One of the main objectives that made us to challenge into this project was the possibility to open to bigger payloads and higher speeds required in some research projects such as life-support robots, delivery robots and much more. But also, to be able to hold better processing computers (capable of machine learning inference or complex algorithms processing) which usually required of bigger space.

But first of all, lets go to the main point of the topic. To keep the tradition when naming of these new models, we would like to ask you, the community, to decide the name for this new model. And of course we would be glad to hear your suggestions and ideas for this project.

Once, we achieve better results in the model and we check that there are not remarkable problems during its movement, we are planning to make it open through a OnShape project (so you can download the 3d parts), and a GitHub repository (to try the model inside the simulator)

  1. Base: Mainly aluminum frames
  2. Actuators: Dynamixel XM540-WM150
  3. Main Computer: NUC11
  4. Controller: OpenCR
  5. LiDAR: SICK TIM5**
  6. Camera: Realsense D435
  • Software Details
    No much difference between the burger or waffle_pi models. Currently working on the gazebo and rviz support. Our priority right now is to make it for ROS Noetic, but we hope to support other platforms as ROS2 Humble, etc later on.

If you would like to know more about it, please let us know and we will try to share it with you asap!

NOTE: As it is in the very beginning state of development, the model might suffer slights or big modifications during this process. And also due to the global chip shortage, the main computer might differ from the current one. We hope for your understanding.


The obvious name: Pizza :slight_smile:


The form factor does remind me of a desktop PCs back in the 386/486 era that sat under the monitor and they were called pizzaboxes.

Just to add another suggestion it looks like a box that high-end fruit might be shipped in to the ISETAN food hall in Shinjuku (e.g. really expensive strawberries), so I suggest:



interesting :thinking:
i hope people don’t confuse it and think they can slice it like a real one :rofl:

I didn’t know that one! Knowing who much those fruit boxes are in Japan, I would say the price might not change that much😂

Great project! I was thinking about making a similar one, though with a little bit cheaper hardware (those actuators and lidar are pretty costly :s).


Thank you so much for your ideas! We have finally decided to use ‘Pizza’ as the model name for the new big TB3.

Once again, thank you so much for your collaboration and we will keep you inform once we have some more interesting news!

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