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[TB3] The Delivery Arcade Project (Open Source) - Part 4

Delievery Arcade Project - Part 4

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Hello, we are Guerilla-Coders.

This is the last post of the Delivery Arcade project following the last article.

We have only explained the project through written text. In this article, more visual material will be presented to help you understand the project more.

Please check out the following link for full project scenario!

Delivery_Arcade_FullDeliveryScenario (VIDEO)

Behind the moving robot, you can see the data being exchanged at Delivery Arcade Server on the PC screen.

And now, I would like to write down my short thoughts along with the final finished product in this posting…

How can we grasp what we commonly call “superpowers” such as teleportation and psychokinesis with the technologies we have? Teleportation refers to the ability to move from one dimension to another in a blink of an eye. If one can exert physical force using solely one’s mind, it can be called psychokinesis. Delivery Arcade tries to materialize those two supernatural powers. The question is, can these so-called supernatural abilities be brought to real life?

One of the vital driving forces behind the development of human technology were inquiring questions or piquing curiosity about the ways in which something could be done in our daily lives. Is there a more comfortable way in which something could be done? Is there anything more interesting than a mundane task? These questions, which have great connection to our daily lives, are still asked by many people today.

The same goes for Delivery Arcade in terms of inspiration. First, in the perspective of consumers receiving the delivery, they will receive highly-quality service in a convenient manner. Second, in the perspective of the deliverer or user, the user will experience teleportation and psychokinesis in an indirect way. The moment the user wears goggles during a delivery, he or she can see the view that the robot is looking at and can freely control the robot’s movement. As a result, the user can recognize and interact with the world from the robot’s point of view. The concept is similar to the movie Avatar, where the human character directly controls its android.

Because the user can technically move things without actually using their own body, it can be seen as psychokinesis. While this may sound a bit exaggerated and deems quite different from superpowers that we commonly know, I think it can be said that I have taken one step further to implement these fictional abilities using these challenges. In fact, the realization of technological superpowers through this method is what theoretical physicist Michio Kaku mentioned in his book “Nothing is Impossible.” You know, it is fair to say that all technologies also have its infancy.

In a way, technology such as phones, GPS, and the Internet may feel like superpowers in the eyes of previous generations. No wonder, it would have taken days or months to deliver news when there were no such thing as phones. However, after numerous attempts by mankind, phones were eventually made, and today we can exchange news with people on the other side of the world in an instant. The same goes for teleportation and psychokinesis, which were once considered as purely fictional. I hope Delivery Arcade will become a stepping stone for the development of technology.

p.s. following is our github address

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