[TB3] TurtleBot3 Omni wheel and Mecanum wheel Example

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TurtleBot3 can drive omni direction with omni wheel or mecanum wheel.
This video is based on the concept of it together with parallel translation.
An omni wheel has not only the form of a regular wheel but has a degree of freedom in a direction perpendicular to them. This feature creates the advantage of moving the mobile platform in all directions.
The mecanum wheel is also a kind of Omniwheel that can move the mobile platform in all directions. The different is that it has small discs that are inclined by 45 degrees are arranged along the circumference of the wheel.
The omni wheel has the advantage that the arrangement should be in the form of an equilateral triangle (three wheels) or a diamond (four wheels), but the mecanum wheel can be used in the same square shape as a regular car (four wheels).
We used three XM430-W210-R for omni wheel example and four identical motors for mecanum wheel example. Enjoy it :wink:


do you know when the turtlebot 3 will be available …?

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TurtleBot3 is expected to launch in April 2017. :slight_smile:

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Do you have a model, file which can work with omni wheel?
Actually, I want to implement robot designed by omni wheel in GAZEBO.

You can find it at the link below.

To download the model file from onshape:

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Thanks a lot, but I already saw the information of the links.
After I encountered it, I rather have a mind to make a model(omni-wheel robot) in GAZEBO.
In other words, I need the source or package(for example open-package like pr2 robot, atlas robot, etc) related to the turtlebot or others moved by omni wheel