[TB3] Waffle Pi Launching Event!

Hello everyone, :laughing:

I have a good news. As of FEB 19, TB3 WafflePi has been launched!


To celebrate this, ROBOTIS is giving out 500 X ROS Programming Handbook(written by TB3 developers, printed edition) to be included in the Waffle Pi package as first-come-first-served basis.

The following links provide TB3 H/W specification, TB3 tutorial, and various other packages.


The biggest difference with TB3 Waffle is that TB3 WafflePi used raspberry pi3 as SBC for the convenience of users. And TB3 Wafflepi has Raspberry Pi Camera Module. The video below shows what you can do with the camera.


For more detailed purchase info,
please talk to official distributors near your region.

Thanks. :rofl: