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Thank You & Farewell

Hello ROS community,

I have been working on ROS for almost 9 years - shipping 15 ROS distributions - and have very much enjoyed my time on this project - the challenges as well as milestones. I am especially grateful to have seen the growing excitement and contributions over the past years.

Though I have recently accepted another opportunity and I am looking forward to the next step in my career. I will certainly miss working on ROS and with each one of you.

Please feel free to keep in touch. You can reach me here on Discourse or on GitHub.

Thank you and best regards!
- Dirk


Hey dirk,

Thanks for the vcstool and other amazing stuff. Have an amazing journey ahead.
Cheers …



Happy for you and sad for us. You’ll be missed at Open Robotics and by all of us. I assumed you’ll be doing ROS somewhere else. Doubly sad if we’re losing you completely!


Thank you for making ROS possible. The community will always be grateful for your contribution. All the best for your future endaveours.


Dirk, from us at ROS-Industrial, and me personally, thanks for all the hard work over the years. :+1:

ROS 2 may be the future, but I’ve been glad you always cared for ROS 1 as well.

If I ever run into you, I’ll buy you a couple :beers:

Btw: I’ve searched Discourse, and the OR website, but can’t find any news about this, except your post.


I can’t remember how many times I’ve recommended developers I spoke with, to open pull requests to ROS core packages. One of the main reasons I recommend doing that is to get your code review @dirk-thomas (which almost never gets merged without getting kicked back N times btw). I learned a LOT from your review process about making good software, I bet many others did.

Community carries on your legacy, but you’ll be missed as the best reviewer.


Hey Dirk,

Thank you very much for all your effort and awesome contribution to the community. I wish you all the best and we gonna miss you!!

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Best wishes on your next steps. Here at ROS-I Americas we enjoyed your insights, perspective, and the support for brining ROS to industrial applications. Looking forward to seeing where your contributions show up next. Congratulations, and continued success!

Matt R.
SwRI/ROS-I Americas Program Manager


Thank you for all your hard work (and for your consistently-pertinent review comments :grin:).

Wishing you all the best!

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Hey Dirk,

thank you for all your work, especially vcstool. Also, thank you for contributing to ROS you had a huge impact. Good luck with your new position!

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Good luck Dirk. You’ll be an asset wherever you go. Thank you for your time, your serious consideration and contribution to every aspect of ROS. For me, in the realsense2_camera project, I’ll miss your advices, ideas and foresight. I hope to follow, even if in some small way, in the directions you pointed out.

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As a rookie contributor, I am very grateful for your patience in guiding me through things in pull request. Good luck, all the best~~!


Good luck, Dirk, I’m really new to ROS and we had some discussions on my contributions to the composition API, thank you so much for helping me making things in the right direction, and everything that you have done for the great community and projects. All the best!

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All the best, Dirk! Sad for the community to see you go, but that’s life.
Good luck for your new endeavors!

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Good luck Dirk. We really enjoyed all your contributions and your wonderful presentations at our conferences. All the best!

Fraunhofer IPA + ROS-I Europe

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