Software engineering and ROS 2 distributions

Hello everyone!

I’m a professor of software engineering, looking at ROS from a software engineering research angle.

I’m particularly interested in the topic of creating minimal, robust, certifiable, (you add the quality property you desire) open source distributions for production use.

To that end, I’d be interested to speak to companies which see a software engineering need like this (next to all the robotics fabulousness that is ROS).

For an industry partner, I created a talk touching on these and other research topics; title and abstract can be found here

I’d be happy to repeat this talk to any company interested in the topic. Please be in touch here or by email. (I’m new here there is a chance I miss a notification purely through this channel.)

Also, if you think I should be talking to some specific person, please point me to them. Thank you!

Best, Dirk


Thanks for sharing this talk. I think that the OSRF Infrastructure committee would be very interested in your talk. I always enjoy talking to people bringing ROS 2 into production at ROSCon each year and for the last couple of years I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the different needs between community distribution and application distribution.

May I contact you to discuss the possibility of giving your presentation at a future OSRF Infrastructure Community Meeting?


Hi! My intent is to meet potential research partners from industry in Germany, and I’m seeking an individual discussion with them. Basically, we are trying to identify industry needs around ROS distributions. That said, of course I’d be happy to talk to the infrastructure committee (must be new?!) about their ideas for research.

I think of the new Project Committee for Infrastructure as sort of a brand new packaging, same great flavor situation as a result of the recent acquisition of OSRC and OSRC-SG by Intrinsic.

Thanks for your willingness! I will follow up via email.