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TSC Meeting Notes 2018-11-15

ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes: November 15th, 2018

  • Attendees:
    • Allison
    • Doug
    • Filipe
    • Louise, Tully, Brian, Dirk
    • Dejan
    • Matt D
    • Matt H
    • Vincent
    • Karsten
    • Seonman
  • (45 mins) Update: (Brief!) Review of ongoing work for Crystal:
    • Milestones
      • 2 - Nov 21st
        • Major API changes that will effect others (like action generators)
      • 3 - Dec 4th
        • Major feature additions (One week for testing)
    • Jump to the Crystal ticket and iterate through the items:
    • Assuming checked off items are done
    • Launch – Dirk: likely getting in for Crystal. Dropped launch in containers.
    • Rosbag – Karsten: rosbag is there. Working on read-only ROS1 bag playback
    • Web Visualization – Dirk: scope change; now focused on web visualization like rviz in the web, which isn’t really ROS 2-specific. Remove this item from the roadmap.
    • Buildfarm improvements – Dirk: upgrading Jenkins to use latest LTS complete. Snapshotting support ongoing. Incremental CI ongoing. On track.
    • IDL – Dirk: Contention with Actions. High risk on getting this done.
    • Performance Testing – Louise: Basic ping pong test targeted for integration into Jenkins, but after that we’re putting this task on hold for now.
    • Actions – Dirk: Parsing of files implemented, rcl implementation in review. Client libraries are less complete than hoped.
    • Improve MISRA compliance – Dirk: Progress made but not everything will be merged prior to release.
    • Audit memory management – Dirk: Progress made but not everything will be merged prior to release.
    • Enhanced QoS settings – Dejan: liveliness and deadlines have huge APIs not clear how to expose those APIs. Too complicated to land before QoS. Will drop from Crystal.
    • CI /testing – Dejan: replacing legacy launch. It’s an extension package so not blocking on release milestones
    • Logging – Doug: rcl pull requests under review. Expect it can target Milestone 3.
    • Rqt – Doug: good progress. Mostly plugins can target Dec 4th
    • Security – Doug: progress in discourse thread. No one currently working on threat models. Expect a PR by the end of the week.
    • ROS 1 ROS 2 migration – Doug: as done as it will be. Capture current state to make it as complete
    • Navigation – Matt H.: in integration/debug phase now. Components all running. Debugging dependencies. Targeting Milestone 3. Have dependencies for message filters and geometry message filters. Carrying patches locally. Mostly testing in simulation. Gazebo_ros_pkg missing model states to get ground truth system test. Cartographer not building at the moment; there’s been a lot of changes on the upstream project.
    • OpenEmbedded – Seonman: Expect something meaningful early next year. Move off of Crystal target.
    • Windows support – Vincent: Not working on ROS2 at the moment. Focused on ROS 1.
    • TB3 – (Pyo unable to attend) Robot is working enough in simulation for testing navigation, from above. Teleop demonstrated.
    • Image pipeline – Matt H.: some progress on that PR in review for depth processing but stalled.
    • Librealsense – Matt H.: package externally built dependency – Follow up with Tully about getting it hosted
    • Cross-compilation improvements – Filipe: add these to the Crystal ticket:
      • Provide a toolchain file and instructions
      • Example build in Docker
      • Including Python packages
  • (20 mins) Discussion & decision: New TSC members to consider (Brian)
    • Interest to join from multiple orgs. We now have information from them regarding their backgrounds and intentions but before taking action we should use this opportunity to formalize the process for admitting new members.
      • Brian to write formalized process, likely as amendment to charter.
    • Interest in having an “observer seat” from an org.
      • With meeting notes published and good transparency, anyone can already observe. Likely just additional logistical cost to add someone to the meeting. We’ll decline this option.
  • (5 mins) Old business:
    • Update: Status on ROS trademark application (Brian)
      • No update: still planning to submit application in November
    • Update: Status on DCO process for ROS 2 repos (Dirk)
      • Tested on a dummy repo:
      • Only discovered limitation is that edits using the web UI are not possible since such commits are not signed off
      • Plan is to to enable the checks post-Crystal release in order to not introduce additional friction that late in the release cycle
  • Maybe have one more meeting before release.

I am missing in attendee list.

Sorry about that, I’ve updated it to be complete.

It would be good to see each attendee’s organisation next to their name.


Looking forward to reading this PR! :scroll: :mag:

When can I used cartographer_ros in ROS2?

Check this update: