Universal Robots ROS 2 Driver release

Universal Robots A/S, PickNik Robotics, and FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik are excited to announce the first release of the open-source Universal Robots ROS 2 driver. This ros2_control powered driver further hardens the beta release that was presented at ROS World 2021.

The driver is compatible across the entire line of UR robots, from 3 kg payload to 16 kg payload, and includes both the CB3 and the E-series. And supports key functionalities like

  • pause at emergency stop and safeguard stop
  • resume after emergency and safeguard stops
  • automatic speed scaling to be within the safety settings
  • manually speed scaling from the teach pendant.

The release is now available via rosdep binary for Galactic Geochelone and will also be available for Rolling Ridley and Humble Hawksbill.

See installation instructions here as well as our ROS World 2021 presentation and slides. Please leave questions and feedback as a GitHub issue.

Other feedback and comments are welcome in this forum or at ROS@universal-robots.com

Happy development!