Upcoming change on branching strategy

Hi all,

TL;DR: From now on, please try to develop only against the kinetic (or indigo) branches in the rosjava repositories.

As part of the update to kinetic, in an attempt to reduce confusion and given the currently low amount of updates going into rosjava, we’re going to change how we handle branches.
From now forward, we’re only going to keep the release-named branches (kinetic, indigo, hydro, etc.). We’re effectively going to stop using master and -devel.

My goal is to incorporate any changes currently sitting on master or indigo-devel into the current kinetic branch. I will be doing that over the next few days (or weeks) (as always, any help is appreciated).

If you see any issue with this change, please chime in, the earlier the better.


Just to chime in with some extra information - we envisage this is probably the last release of rosjava. If it becomes apparent that we really need a constant ‘master/devel’ to reference or if we need to it will go back in.

Scenarios for which this might happen.

  • we do actually plan for a new distro release of rosjava
  • if we need to make available an api breaking branch
  • need a constant reference (e.g. url’s) to somewhere in the rosjava repositories