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Update: PlotJuggler 2.3


I am happy to announce the release of PlotJuggler 2.3.

The new version includes many note worthy improvements:

Refactored XY plots

The ability to combine two time series to create a single XY plot has always been a great feature, but unfortunately very limited, since multiple XY plots can hardly shared the same plotting area (X needed to be shared).

This made impossible to do something as simple as comparing two odometries in 2D.

With this new implementation, it is now very easy. Drag&drop two time series using the RIGHT mouse button, as shown in this video:

Dark theme

Because nowadays no one take you seriously without it.

Diagnostic messages

When reading diagnostic_msgs/DiagnosticArray, PlotJuggler will try to plot all the values that are written as numbers.

Automatically generate yaw from nav_msgs/Odometry

Because no one in the entire world know how to read quaternions


And much more

Consider it a treasure hunt…