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URDFDOM_PY missing from the KINETIC Distro?


I recently installed ROS KINETIC under Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for a course in Robotics I am taking.
One of the course projects requires the use of said package to parse a URDF file.
The CMAKE for the project failed, unable to find this package. The ROS WIKI seems to state that the package is maintained and released for Kinetic. I could not find the package under my ROS installation.
Any suggestions / advice ?


Hi Shai,

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Potential ROSAnswer related to your question:

GitHub Sources for urdfdom:

I have ros-kinetic-urdfdom-py 0.3.3 available in my apt cache, with repo:
deb xenial main

Run apt update and double-check your sources list.



Hi Cosmo,
Thanks for your prompt answer. Sorry for posting my question here - it’s my first question in ROS, and it seems an appropriate place…
Anyhow, I cloned this package from its formal git repo into my catkin workspace and after some tweaking it compiles fine.