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Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2016-09-21

We have a lot of packages prepared to sync for Kinetic.

Currently there are 317 packages staged for sync:

There is one regression ticketed here:

This includes the release of many core ROS packages that would be great to be tested. If you have time to update and test from shadow-fixed that would be appreciated.

I would like to suggest we set a goal of syncing next week.

The following highlights some of the changes which either have a high impact or should be tested by more users in more scenarios:

  • The new genmsg version addresses an annoying CMake warning in all message packages.
  • The new genpy version is updating the generated Python code of ROS messages, especially fix issues for messages with large static arrays.
  • The new roscpp version addresses problems with the destruction order of static instances as well as extends the multi-threaded spinning capabilities.

For further changes please take a look a the various changelogs.

I looked too quickly at the regressions. There’s also an issue with srdfdom: on Wily and Jessie.

It would be nice if this issue was fixed in this sync.

Not having the nav stack on Kinetic/armhf is a little annoying.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the fixes.

libpcl-dev is now available on xenial armhf

And the srdfdom regression has been resolved.

The only outstanding issue is the collada_dom issue in robot_model:

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Thanks for pushing on the libpcl bug, it was a bit of an ugly blocker when trying to upgrade my RPi robots to kinetic.

A large rebuild has just landed in shadow-fixed. There are 349 packages staged to be updated. if you’re testing please update. There’s a patch which has just been released to fix the robot_model issue.

Once that’s rebuild we will have one more opportunity for final testing but any testing before then is also appreciated.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this sync. We needed several rereleases but we successfully go it out without any regressions! The announcement.