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Using the Motoman SDA20D Dual-arms DX100 ROS Interface(Indigo)



That comment by Jonathan was made before the updates in 1.8.0 were added and are also describing a DX100 with a robot on a linear track (not an SDA setup). Not sure how relevant (ie: different) that is/would be, but thought I’d mention it.

And @Sinai_Aranda: you don’t need to use everything from the PR I linked to, just the ROS side of things. Not MotoROS nor the INFORM jobs.


Ok, I changed to base and I used motoman_driver package of kinetic-devel, the error is the same (all_joint_state.positions: 0 == all_joint_names: 7).

@ted-miller these are the system files of the robot. I did not have support for the configuration to ‘base’ through of Yaskawa Mexico, but yes they help me with alarms that the robot showed. I dont’ have the correct values, for this reason the system can have limits in the joint base. From teach pendant, I can move the base, but in the /joint states just in -3.018 to 3.018 although this completely tour.


hallo,now I use the motoman_drive to conturl the motoman_mh5f ,but i can’t make the robot move.
because I’m the first time can you tell me the work process?


You can use this tutorials :+1:


Please do not hijack this thread. The MH5 is a single group robot, not a dual-arm setup like the SDA20 is discussed here.

If you feel something is wrong with the driver, please post to motoman/issues. If you’re having trouble setting things up, please ask for assistance on ROS Answers. Be sure to use appropriate tags in that case (fi: motoman and ros-industrial).