Various updates in rosjava packages

Hi all,

I just wanted to announce a few updates that have been released in the last few days that may be interesting to people. These are all now available in the rosjava maven repository and can be very easily included in your Android application directly from the Web:

  • Updated versions of rosjava_core, rosjava_extras and android_core which include, among other things:
  • A few bug fixes
  • Better support for wrapping native ROS nodes in rosjava through NativeNodeMain
  • Easier use of the Android Support Library through AppCompatRosActivity
  • Easier load of parameters to parameter server through ParameterLoaderNode
  • Other things that Iā€™m surely forgetting
  • Published tango_ros_node in the rosjava maven repository ('eu.intermodalics:tango_ros_node:1.0.13'). This the library with TangoRosNode from the TangoStreamer application by Intermodalics. It can now be included in your application to publish sensor information on Tango devices.
  • Published base_controller in the rosjava maven repository ('com.ekumen.base_controller:base_controller_lib:0.2.0'). This library has nodes that you can use to drive a Kobuki, Husky or Create base with your Android phone!

I thank the different people contributing to these updates (keep them coming!) and hope everyone finds them useful.