VDA5050 Interface for ROS 2?

Hi everyone,

I have recently been exposed to the VDA5050 standard useful for communicating between AGVs. I am trying to learn how I can interface between a mobile robot running Nav2 and a Fleet Management Suite. I would like to know from the experienced people here, how the approach to the problem should be.

I figure that I have to have some sort of an interface node which translates between the different formats, so I am looking for more of a software architecture map - i.e., how this interface node would look like and where it fits in. Any subsequent reading material on this topic is also welcome.

I will keep updating this question with more information and a better representation of the thought process as it keeps going, and as I keep getting more answers from you guys.

Thanks a lot ! :smile:

I think you can find these posts useful:

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Hi @ljaniec thank you for the resources ! The VDA5050 connector package is all the more helpful because it contains the implementations in ROS 2.

Thanks again

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