Special Interest Group in Interoperability

Hi there folks!

As more and more interest and needs are raised around robot interoperability we have made efforts towards kicking off a special interest group in other to gather all parties and find forms of collaboration.

The first OSRF Special Interest Group in Interoperability will be held on 2023-09-07T14:00:00Z in an effort to accommodate as many timezones as possible. Please join us at: meet.google.com/irh-yfdm-rju.

We would like to have some high level presentations from some of the key players on the topic, followed by some discussion and Q&A:

  • OpenRMF (Confirmed)
  • MassRobotics Interop (Confirmed)
  • VDA5050 (TBC)

Note: if you are somehow involved on VDA 5050 and can spare some mins of presentation and answer some high level questions please drop me a message we are very interested on having you as part of this meeting.

See you all!



Hi Marco - This sounds super interesting!

I work at Viam Robotics, we finally rolled out interoperability with ROS and wanted you all to be aware. Below you’ll find a few resources on how to augment your robotics stack with Viam:


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