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Virtual environment for in row movement for a hackathon

The idea came after a meeting with ROS Europe. We decided to work on setting up an an easy to use and setup environment for a potential Hackathon.
For this we will base our work on what the university of Bonn did :

The goal is to get something like the darpa subT challenge.

One of the first that would be nice to achieve would be to get this to work easily on docker.

Further updates will be posted here.



At Saxion, we have several ongoing projects with agricultural field robots (in Dutch Weed control with robots and Removing weeds in rows. We have also submitted a small project proposal on accurate navigation in open fields, because that is a challenge especially for agribot startups. In all projects we have identified a need for good simulations. We would like to develop and test robots in a virtual environment. We are now setting up a project to simulate plants and crops more realistically. We have teamed up with Advanced Creative Media and Game Technologies because they have experience with realistic plants and trees. Maybe we can exchange ideas about requirements for these kind of virtual environments.


Thank you very much for your message !

That’s good news, I translated the dutch :).

We will definitely keep you updated of any progress we make (or challenges we face)
If that’s possible we would also like to be kept updated of of your technical advancements.
(A bit unrelated but I really liked the OpenAL Dopller effect in CMGT’s video).

I can see that your projects have just been started, this looks promising.
Do you already have the requirements ? Do you want to exchange only on the requirements or also on other aspects ?

For open field navigation, there is this French project developing a public network of cheap (made from of the shelve components) GPS-RTK, it still needs a 3G, 4G internet connexion. There is a map of all of the covered areas. And the documentation to make the base and the receiver are available here(Sorry, it’s in french) :

On Centipede and cheap GPS-RTK system, we have members working on that in AgriLab .

Also cheap version of self guided tractor systems.

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