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Visualize ULog files (PX4) with PlotJuggler


Since version 2.1.3, you can also visualize ULog files in PlotJuggler.


Thanks for making the PlotJuggler! I’ve never heard of it before and I’ll be looking forward to testing it. If you don’t mind I will share information about this package on WeeklyRobotics


Please do it :slight_smile:


I just had a chance to use PlotJuggler and it’s amazing! Once again thanks for making it and I’ve sent some coffee your way :slight_smile:


Thanks, I appreciate it very much!


This is terrific!

I have read that Plotjuggler supports “plugins” but have not yet understood how this works exactly. Is there any documentation that would help a noobie add support for new data formats in Plotjuggler?


I must confess that I SHOULD write some documentation. My bad…

There are three types of plugins:

  • DataLoaders : they are used to load static data from log files.
  • DataStreamers : used to load and plot data that is continously streamed to the user.
  • StatePublishers : provide a way to publish data that was previously loaded.

I will add a Github issue to myself as a self reminder that some documentation is needed.