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What exactly is OpenCR

I am not sure what it is. It looks like it might be an Arduino-compatible control board that is somehow especially well suited for ROS. But OTOH I see configurations that combine a Pi with an OpenCR so that confuses me. I’ve seen this: OpenCR and this: OpenCR but I am still not sure…

@pitosalas We’re glad your interested in the OpenCR board. However I’d like to request that following our guidelines please ask questions on . ROS Discourse is for news and general interest discussions.

You have found the primary references for the OpenCR board including the overview with all it’s technical specs and the open source hardware links which exactly answers your question of what is the OpenCR board. Since that isn’t answering your question please reask on with more specifics about what you are wondering.

Thanks for your very courteous response! I will repost on the (I have to say that it is confusing to know where the boundary is between what goes in one place and what goes into the other!)