What happens to Rolling on Jammy?

What happens to users of Rolling on Jammy once Rolling moves on to Noble?

Right now I’m using Rolling on Jammy because it has some critical rosbag2 features. Will the Rolling/Jammy packages disappear? The server I’m running on is in production and cannot be upgraded to Noble for at least another year.

Maybe related to this: if I run rosdep for Rolling on Jammy, none of the ros-rolling-* packages show up anymore.

The Rolling on Jammy packages won’t disappear, but they will never be updated again. That is, whatever the state of Rolling was at the time right before the transition (GitHub - ros/rosdistro at rolling/2024-02-28), is the state those packages will remain in.

Yeah, it is related. Once we transition over to the new distribution, rosdep can only resolve the keys on the new distribution. However, it is possible to point rosdep at an older rosdistro tag so it will resolve the keys; see the recently added article at Using Custom Rosdistro Version — ROS 2 Documentation: Rolling documentation