Which simulator for Autoware.auto (Core/Universe) would you recommend (for an autoware-ROS2 interface) for perception and vehicle dynamics simulation now that LGSVL is being dicontinued by LG?

I’m aware of autoware.auto’s LGSVL bridge that the simulation working group has implemented. However, since it’s being discontinued, will it continue being supported for autoware or would focus shift towards another simulation platform?

What are the biggest hurdles with using another platform for ROS2 Autoware, eg. CARLA?


I wasn’t aware. Thank you for sharing. It’s a pity as its a great tool and well documented

Tier IV has been planning to release an open-source Tier IV simulator ( of Unity ) in the near future , which can work well with Autoware like LGSVL.
It would be like this

I hope you all would be fond of the Tier IV simulator and also try to improve it together with Tier IV ( because it will be released as open-source.) !!


Thanks, that looks promising! Is there a timeline for its release? Also, what was the motivation for developing this and how does it compare with LGSVL and Carla?

Tier IV simulator sounds exciting.
We also heavily used LGSVL and now I am checking on Carla, looks quite good so far, especially with 2D mode, SUMO integration, among others

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Curious about any other thoughts here?

There are communities that try to be the successor of LGSVL, one of which is GitHub - OSSDC/OSSDC-SIM: OSSDC SIM - Self Driving Car Simulator based of LGSVL

Hi, @fgrzeszc , how to check on Carla?

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