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Simulators for robotics - Your view on the most important features

Hi everyone,

We at are developing an open source simulator for robotics research. Having your view on the most important features that such a simulator should have would be very helpful to focus our developments.

We’d greatly appreciate it if you could help us and fill the following survey:

I already posted in the Maritime Robotics category, but we also need answers from other fields than maritime robotics to broaden our view.

We will share the consolidated results of the survey with the community.
Thanks so much for your help !


There have been a few posts and surveys on this topic, which may be relevant.

I could only quickly find Summary of results for survey on robotics simulation, others may suggest more.

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Thank you for this link.
I found also these survey results from the AWS robotics team

Thank you @gbiggs , I will check the Autoware developments