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Who is using ROS on QNX?

I thought I would ask to see who is using ROS on QNX?

We are releasing our systems on QNX and I think having a post / category about QNX + ROS would be a good resource for others who are looking to use, or who our already developing on QNX.


@Shawn_Schaerer We at Apex.AI use ROS 2 on QNX. Under the Update 2019-Oct-17 section of Apex.AI contributions to ROS2 Eloquent posted by @Dejan_Pangercic, there are few links that we have shared. It is little specific to what we do in Apex.AI but would be great if more articles are added.


Would like to work with community on this. We (ADLINK) manufacture rugged compute modules & systems (small rugged Turing GPUs too) running QNX and VxWorks in civilian airplanes, military airplanes, drones, vehicles, AVs and robots. We support OpenSplice DDS on both and plan to help port Eclipse IoT’s Eclipse Cyclone DDS project. Some of these QNX and VxWorks users may use ROS or ROS-M but are secretive about the applications.

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Hi @Shawn_Schaerer (long time…),

ROS2 and the underlying default DDS implementation, Fast RTPS, works on QNX (and you have users as Apex.AI), and also in VxWorks (see

We (eProsima) support both operating systems, and we have a number of customers using ROS2 on QNX, but I can not disclose that information.

Just ping me if you have issues on QNX, and I think it is a good idea what you propose.

Thanks for the feedback.
I will start a QNX + ROS repo on my github where we can add QNX related ROS info.

Hardware is one of the big issues for us, especially AI accelerators.

I’ve used ROS1 on QNX before, but can’t point to any public repos. Glad this effort is underway!