kinetic tag should be moved to EOL distro

On the wiki you can see the different tabs at the top for the distros (for instance on ros_controllers) and a separate checkbox to show EOL distros.

Shouldn’t kinetic be moved to the EOL distros since it’s been EOL since April 2021?

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to address this issue, but didn’t seem right either.

Good point. I’ve opened Completely disable kinetic jobs. by clalancette · Pull Request #217 · ros-infrastructure/ros_buildfarm_config · GitHub and Mark kinetic as no longer on the buildfarm. by clalancette · Pull Request #342 · ros-infrastructure/roswiki · GitHub , which I think should fix it once they are merged and deployed.

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Already merged and the wiki has been updated. That was quick!

Thank you for openings the PR’s to update the wiki!

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