Preparing for Kinetic Sync 2018-06-06

Thank you to all the maintainers who have been patient while we’ve been debugging ramifications of Meltdown and Spectre on the buildfarm. We have seen performance degredation

But the fix exposed a worse problem than the performance problems.

We’ve gotten the farm back into a good state with over 200 packages to sync.

However it looks like there’s one remaining regression blocking 8 packages I’ve ticketed the issue.

However since the issue appears to be isolated to a specific projects packages I’m not planning to hold the release

I will plan to sync tomorrow, Thursday. If there’s any unknown issue please reply here.

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Also note that this will be the last sync which will include Jessie packages.

Debian Jessie is officially EOL as of today so we’re going to turn off generating new packages for it.

If there are any issues with that please reply here. We plan to hold that merge until immediately after this sync.

In reviewing the current build status I identified one other small regression of a single package on Jessie only. It’s ticketed here:

And there’s a fix in for mrpt1 that will hopefully restore the build once it cycles through.

The Kinetic sync is out and was announced here: New Packages for Kinetic 2018-06-07

The mrpt1 fix didn’t resolve the issues so I’ve gone ahead and synced with it still regressing. I hope it will get back into testing shortly and we can restore it in the next sync.