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World ROS-I Day 2019

The ROS-I global community is going to be putting together the second annual World ROS-I Day, in the spirit of World MoveIt! day, but focusing on the repositories relevant to ROS-Industrial. We have 3 sites already signed up to host, as well as participating in virtual collaboration rooms, with continued participation from Asia, handing off to the EU, then finally to the Americas.

Once again, we hope we can find some folks to jump in to do some clean up with us on the various repositories and packages, working on a predefined list of issues, similar to last year. Where hardware is needed for access we may seek particular collaboration partners, or have to table certain issues, though we are open to creative ideas.

We will keep info up to date here as we work out the details, but we look forward to hosting this event and learn what we can do when we coordinate our efforts!

Last year by the way, 35 issues closed. Not bad for the first year!

Event listing can be found here:

Thanks in advance!

Matt R.
ROS-I Consortium Americas Program Manager


Just confirmed that we will have a space here in San Antonio for World ROS-I Day 2019 partnering with University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA)!

We also have been actively reviewing and updating the issue board to support WRID19, and looking forward to seeing everyone online on July 2!

We are also potentially looking at reducing the number of repos to be more focused for the event, so if you have any recommendations for repos that should be considered… post up here!


I can also confirm that Fraunhofer IPA is hosting a #WRID19 event on July 2 from 9:00 - 18:00 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Wir freuen uns auf viele deutsche ROS-Entwickler.
(that was German)

But main language (of that day) will be English :slight_smile:

Please contact me or my colleagues Harsh (@ipa-hsd), Ludovic (@ipa-led), etc., if you plan to come, so we know how many pizza to order and which room to host the meeting (we have an option on the main auditorium) :wink:


As a follow up to the above, ROS-I collaborative developing team, from around the globe, have settled on the list of repositories for the 2nd World ROS-I Day on July 2nd (WRID19). This will, as we did last year, seek to reign in the scope, to ensure we have some level of focus throughout the day.

The repositories that are being included for WRID19 are:

Similar to last year, the maintainers of each of these repositories are in the process of reviewing the project board from last year, to assess what is still relevant, and close any outstanding technical debt relative to last year, and account for all the changes that have taken place over the last year.

Candidate issues within each of these repos will be labelled with wrid19, similar to last year. Also we will seek to identify a “level of effort” to help those understand the complexity of the issue without having to get too involved.

Of course, please feel free to offer suggestions both on candidate repos as well as issues, or a class of issues that you feel are good candidates for this type of event.

Thanks and looking forward to working with everyone on July 2!

Matt R.

ROS-I Americas


ROS-Industrial Consortium Asia Pacific in Singapore will also be hosting a #WRID19 event on July 2nd, from 9:00 - 17:00.

Please check our Eventbrite signing form for more details (venue location) and also to register if you are attending in person (we will be ordering food and refreshments), or joining via WebEx (a link will be provided via e-mail). If you cannot register via Eventbrite, please write a message to me.

See you soon!! :slight_smile:


Update for WRID19… New issue board is up and coming together!

This is the board the teams will be working to during the around the world hack-a-thon on July 2!

You can check it out here:


Hello! WRID19 is just around the corner!

For remote collaboration we are once again utilizing IRC and appear! The links with configured rooms are below:


Screen participation room:

Looking forward to seeing everyone online!



For those users in Europe: we’ve been steadily working on open issues, so far have 25 open PRs and issues pending resolution:

Taking over from APAC soon. Thanks for the contributions so far!


We’ve just lost the web chat. We’re expecting it to come up any time again now.

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Thanks for all the contributions to WRID19. I’ve been slow to get the results posted up in a Blog Post, but I at least wanted to say thanks, now that we are about 6 weeks later, we can see how the dust settled.

Thanks also to all those that helped get things organized, and hosted meet ups. I think we built some good synergy locally here in Americas with one of the local Universities, in the open-source for industry initiative, so among tackling issues we are realizing additional benefit as well.

Thanks again!

Matt R.

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