World ROS-I Day July 6

Hello ROS Community.

We are excited to announce World ROS-I Day this upcoming July 6. Per tradition the event will start in the Asia-Pacific Region and wrap around the world concluding in the Americas.

This year we are settling on a theme of ROS 2 Documentation. This is an opportunity to close some of the gaps as a community related to ROS 2 documentation to support adoption and migration for the broader community. The ROS-Industrial project is excited to offer up World ROS-I Day as an opportunity to make a big push in this area.

Info may be found here: World ROS-I Day 2022 — ROS-Industrial

Local meet ups may pop up, and the ROS-I Americas team based in Texas will post something shortly. Other than that we have provided an online forum, and will have an issue board up shortly.

Thanks in advance,

Matt R.
ROS-I Americas/SwRI


Please use this issue tracker board to populate the issues from ros2_documentation to work on World ROS-I day 2022

Issue tracker board - World ROS-I Day 2022

Here is the meeting link for the Europe

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Thanks for creating the board Ragesh! We are open to having issues added from the community. World ROS-I Day is a chance to do some work on issues and catch up on built up tech debt. Feel free to review and if you have an issue around ROS 2 Documentation that you think is interesting, go ahead and add it! Looking forward to a good day!