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World ROS-I Day 2020

We are happy to announce the third annual World ROS-I Day! This event will be on July 7th stewarded by the three Consortia supported regions around the world! Starting in Asia-Pacific, moving through the EU, and then over to the Americas. We aim to work against a list of items that will be communicated ahead and up to and through the event.

We will work to provide this space with updated information for how to participate, which repositories will be the focus, and how the issue board is coming together. We look forward to collaborating with the community to move ROS-I forward!

Video Conferencing :
IRC Node:


Matt R.


I guess, there won’t be physical meetings but “only” a remote version this time?

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That is correct! Sorry to say, but it is the current reality.

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@mrobinson, how do we sign up for this? Is there more details that you can share?


Updated info!

We have created the issue board and it can be found here for WRID 2020 on July 7th.

For the day of the event we will be using the following collaboration utilities:


Video Streaming: TBD as appear is no longer offering the service.

Each region will offer their own registration links to communicate specific information for their hosted event.

If you have any repos/issues of interest, please post up here!

Happy issue hunting!

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Registration for the Americas event may be found here:


Thanks for updating the info @mrobinson!

Registration link for Europe:


Thank you for the update on the issue board! @mrobinson

Registration for Asia-Pacific can be found here:

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Is there any agenda for this event? Is it a ‘grab a bug from the board on your own’ kind of thing? Any instructions? :slight_smile:

I don’t want to speak out of turn, but typically, you will review the issue board, and via the chat suggest picking up an issue, and someone that has ‘ownership’ of the org/board will be able to assign it to ensure we do not have multiple folks working the same issue. We want to ppl to be able to grab the most relevant issues to their work/interest areas…

Correct me if i’m off on that @gavanderhoorn or @ipa-nhg



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Hi All! Here is some updated information for the communication channels we are using for World ROS-I Day tomorrow!

Video Conferencing :
IRC Node:

The event will kick off at 8:00am SGT and continue throughout Europe and America.


We’re currently in, so if you’re interested, joint the channel, pick an issue and help us out.