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Your first robot: A beginner’s guide to ROS and Ubuntu Core

Hey everyone. Several years ago I created a blog/video series discussing taking a ROS prototype to production using snaps and Ubuntu Core. I got good feedback on that series, but a few folks mentioned that the barrier to entry was a little high as it used the Turtlebot 2, which is by no means cheap. As a result, a while ago I began a blog/video series that uses the CamJam EduKit #3 (the robotics kit) which is incredibly inexpensive. It doesn’t have any particularly useful sensors, but it was still a good platform for hobbyists to learn ROS, snaps, and Ubuntu Core in a five-part series. I got off to a strong start, but due to a few internal issues I was unable to finish the series :cry:… until now :partying_face:.

Please allow me to present the now-completed blog/video series.

The videos have all been collected into the Your first robot: A beginner’s guide to ROS and Ubuntu Core playlist.



Your series incredibly usefull. I used it for my first robotic project.

Great job. Thank you for sharing.


Maybe it would be good to list this under the new Training & Education category?
Do you prefer it here, or is it ok if I move it over?


You’re right @MartinCornelis, my mistake, thank you! I’ve moved it.