Video Tutorial: Using cameras in ROS

Hi everyone, the latest video in my series on building an autonomous mobile robot is up, this time on how to integrate a camera into a ROS robot (including Gazebo simulation and a real camera).

Obviously this is a massive topic and I can’t cover everything, but hopefully it’s a good launching point for someone!
In the next few videos I’ll be covering depth cameras, then assembling the robot, then controlling it with ros2_control, so if you haven’t already subscribed then I would appreciate it!

As always, any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


I’ve been massively enjoying your ROS videos for a while now, and this one really simplified for me how to properly write the xacro for camera simulation and how pubs/subs/topics work for images in ROS. Really appreciate the full demo, too. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, I’m so glad you found it helpful!

Yeah I feel like there’s a lot more to dig into around the topic/message structuring (and my personal experience with that is fairly limited) so perhaps there will be a follow-up some time to dive a little deeper :slight_smile:

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