ROS Mobile Robot Build Series / Tutorial Videos

Hi everyone! A few months back I posted some tutorials and mentioned that I was working on a series about building a mobile robot. After some busyness (and COVID!) during the holiday period, I’ve finally gotten the first episode done - hopefully the rest won’t take quite so long!

I hope the series is enjoyable enough for those of you here who are already on top of this stuff, and perhaps you can share it with someone who you think could be inspired to take the next step and build their first ROS-powered robot.

Some key notes about what’s coming in this project:

  • Teleoperation from a mobile device with camera feedback (including setting up ros2_control)
  • SLAM with a lidar (using slam_toolbox and nav2)
  • Object tracking with a camera (using OpenCV)
  • ALL key steps will be performed first with Gazebo and then on physical hardware, so people who can’t afford to build it won’t miss out on the opportunity to learn (at least from the software side).

I’ve written a companion blog post which includes a rough bill of materials, but I didn’t quite finish it by the time the video went live - I’ll update it in a week or so with a link.

Thanks for your attention, I’d appreciate your feedback, likes, subs, shares, or best of all - deciding to build it with me!



Nice… looking forward to learning a lot from you

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