2023 Robot Fleet Management in ROS2 training

Dear ROS community,

The 4th Robot Fleet Management in ROS2 training will be held from 2023-01-11T15:00:00Z2023-01-13T23:00:00Z. This is a 3-day, online, hands-on training to learn all the basic knowledge to use RMF (Robot Fleet Management) systems with confidence.

Date and Time: 2023-01-11 09:00 - 2023-01-13 17:00 Central Standard Time (US)
Training Format: Online with Remote Robots
Registration: https://app.theconstructsim.com/Workshop/574093f7-26f0-4fff-ab05-21dffe498f57
For more details about this training visit: https://www.theconstructsim.com/robot-fleet-management-ros2-open-rmf-training/

What you will learn

  • Vital ROS2 Humble knowledge to make your way through RMF.
  • How to autogenerate an RMF-enabled Gazebo simulation based on blueprints and adapt existing Gazebo simulations to RMF.
  • How to connect ROS2 navigation-enabled robots to RMF.
  • How to set up a basic RMF system for multiple fleets of robots, with multiple robots in each fleet.
  • How to set up basic default RMF tasks like Go to location, Pick and deliver object, and Go to charge when battery levels are low.
  • Introduction to creating a custom robot fleet adapter to unlock all the potential of RMF API to define your tasks and behaviors.
  • How to dock a robot in RMF for battery charging.
  • How to set up a cleaning routine in RMF.
  • How to integrate Human operated stations with RMF.
  • How to integrate doors and lifts in RMF.
  • How to integrate robot arms and other processing workstations in RMF.

How you will learn

  • ROS expert-led explanations
  • Perform exercises with simulated robots, along with the instructors.
  • Complete an entire project with a real robotic cafeteria.

Benefits you will receive with this training:

  • 3 days of live training guided by ROS experts
  • 20+ hands-on exercises with simulated robots
  • 12 hours of practice in our remote real robot cafeteria
  • 6 months of access to the Robot Fleet Management in ROS2 curriculum
  • Continuously updated course content
  • Fast support & guidance from instructors
  • Life-long access to the code developed during the training
  • Certificate


Contact us at info@theconstructsim.com for all registration queries.


LAST CALL for Early-Bird Registration

Managing Fleets of Robots with ROS2 Training
Learn all the basic knowledge to use Robot Fleet Management (RMF) systems with confidence.

The early bird price ends on 2023-01-02T23:00:00Z
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