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A kit for multiple RealSense D400 sensors in ROS


I was really impressed by the new RealSense depth cameras but the field of view is still a bit narrow. So I made a kit for multiple RealSense in ROS (available here). It comes with two RealSense D415 but can easily be expanded up to 6 cameras. The field of view is essentially doubled to ~140° x 42°. If all six cameras are used, the kit gives full cylindrical coverage. It’s a good way to get started with immersive virtual reality.

My goal here was to make this as close to plug-and-play as possible. There is just one simplified launch file for all X cameras, and another to display the point clouds in RViz. The tf frames are launched automatically, as well.

One caveat is that >2 cameras requires additional USB3 busses for higher resolutions/fps.

This is a shot of my kitchen with 2x D415: