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A proposal for a Superflore OE Recipe Generation Scheme


Hello Everybody,

We at LG are working on extending the work initiated by @allenh1 on superflore in order to automatically generate buildable Bitbake recipes of ROS2 index packages, focusing on the latest ROS 2 and OpenEmbedded/Yocto releases.

We’ve come up with a proposal and reference implementation and would like to invite the community to review, contribute to it and provide feedback.

We are trying it now and converting the ROS 2 recipes used by BeanBirdBot to the automatically generated ones in order to validate the functionality and the workflow.

We’ll be more than happy to have a call and discuss everything.

@herb-kuta-lge @bshin-lge @vmayoral @braineniac @LanderU @abilbaotm


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ping @LanderU and @abilbaotm



Hello Everybody,

We’re happy to submit our initial pull requests for extending the superflore OpenEmbedded support.

We’ve successfully converted the ROS 2 recipes used by BeanBirdBot, built and executed it well.

While we continue progressing towards the core and full ROS 2 Crystal build, we’d like to invite you for reviewing the pull requests below:

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Thank you Everybody!



Brief status update:

  1. Done We successfully migrated BeanBirdBot from manually crafted ROS 2 recipes based on Bouncy to automatically generated recipes by superflore and tested it on Rpi3 hardware;
  2. Done We successfully built a basic roscore ROS 2 Crystal image with Yocto 2.6 Thud release and ros2cli works well when doing basic testing under qemu;
  3. In progress We’re working on getting a full build of ros-world ROS 2 Crystal + Yocto Thud;
  4. To be done We can now see dashing published to the index. As soon as its distribution/cache gets populated more we’ll also proceed to build it.
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