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ROS 2 TSC Meeting Minutes: 2019-03-21


ROS TSC Meeting Notes March 21st, 2019

  • Attendees:
    • Dirk, Brian G., Louise (Open Robotics)
    • Allison (TRI)
    • Brian S. (LGE)
    • Dejan (Apex.AI)
    • Karsten (Bosch)
    • Matt H. (Intel)
    • Rutvik, Adam (Amazon)
    • Victor (Acutronic)
    • Pyo (ROBOTIS)
  • Old business:
    • [2 mins] [Brian G.] ROS trademark update
      • Specimen collection in progress
      • Waiting for a specific list from the lawyers
      • After that the TSC will come up with a usage policy
    • [2 min] [Dirk] DCO bot update
    • [10 min] [Brian G.] Elevator pitch
      • Draft from Brian G. based on prior TSC discussion circulated for comment
      • Slightly edited version received from Victor
      • Other comments? None during the meeting, please provide feedback by the end of next week
      • Next step: blending the feedback into a single document
      • Plan to send to designer for brochure layout by end of March
      • Proposed license: CC-BY-SA
    • [10 min] [Brian G.] New member vote recap and decision
      • Result: yes. Brian G. to contact newly admitted member and make announcement.
      • Side note: Follow up with a rule how many votes are required for a quorum
  • New business:
  • Standing updates:
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