[ANN] Space ROS Humble 2024.01.0

Hello everyone!

The Space ROS team is excited to announce the release of Space ROS Humble 2024.01.0.

Space ROS is a project that seeks to enable the development of robotics for space. We do so by providing a set of packages based on ROS 2 Humble together with additional software related to static analysis, an extension for VSCode to use the results of the analyzers, custom docker images that facilitate getting started, and several demos that feature simulations of space applications.

Release details

This release improves the build infrastructure, for tighter configuration control with shorter build times. It also incorporates an additional static analyzer, includes preliminary support for Nav2 and a Nav2 demo based on the Mars Rover simulation, and fixes multiple bugs.

In total, 31 issues have been closed as part of this release. For an exhaustive list of all the issues addressed, click here.

The Space ROS project is comprised of multiple docker images, demos, and additional tools.The base Space ROS image is available as osrf/space-ros:humble-2024.01.0 on Docker Hub. Instructions on how to build and run the demos are available at: docker/space_robots at humble-2024.01.0 · space-ros/docker · GitHub.

All active projects under the space-ros organization on GitHub have been released in sync:


Current versions of all packages released with Space ROS are available at:

What’s next

This release comes exactly 3 months after the last release. The next release is planned for April 30, 2024. If you want to contribute to features, tests, demos, or documentation of Space ROS, get involved on the Space ROS GitHub issues and discussion boards.

All the best,

The Space ROS Team