ROS News for the Week of February 12th, 2024

ROS News for the Week of February 12th, 2024

ROSCon 2024 in Odense, Denmark was announced this week! We also kicked off our 2024 Diversity Scholarship Program.

This week our friends at Hello Robot released version 3 of their Stretch robot. Stretch is a lower cost mobile manipulator and they’ve been absolutely killing it in the research world lately. Robot ReportTech CrunchIEEE Spectrum

Following from this discussion on the, “Growing issues with ROS Documentation” I want to point out this article from the ReadMe project over at Github. As a project contributor, some weeks are very frustrating, and it feels like we can’t win, no matter what we do. It would really help the project if people kept in mind that the core team is just a two-person non-profit, and about a dozen core maintainers, many of whom can only work on the project part time. It would really help us if everyone was a little bit more thoughtful and aware of the situation.

If there is something you would like to see improved, please feel free to pitch in! All big changes start with small changes, and you don’t need anyone’s permission or some grand initiative to get started. The best places to start are with the things you are already using. The best way to learn is by doing! A little pull request is the best way to get familiar with package, so please, try and help improve the project for the next person who comes along.

Leading by example, a few of us did just that this week! @mikeferguson helped out by updating the image proc docs this week. In between everything else I did this week I wrote a tutorial on migrating ROS Wiki documentation to @azeey wrote a whole Gazebo migration guide. @tfoote and @gonzodepedro landed Mermaid.js chart support in the docs. We even had someone from the community toss in a nice little improvement on the TF docs. Despite all this there’s still a lot that could be done and little bit of help would be appreciated. :smile:

Gazebo Classic goes end-of-life in less than a year. We’ve put together a long-form migration guide to help move along the process. We’re also going to hold office hours to help people making the switch.




ROS Questions

Please, help out your fellow developers by taking an hour to go answer a few questions over on Robotics Stack Exchange.


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