Announcing BotBags, the cloud rosbag storage service

Hi ROS Community!

I’m excited to announce today the development of a new service for storing, organizing and distributing robot datasets, BotBags.

As roboticists there are lots of problems to be solved, but where to put all your rosbags shouldn’t be one you worry about. Make your data safe, searchable and accessible without any headaches. BotBags is designed by roboticists for roboticists as a step towards making the development of smart robots easier than ever before.

Stay in touch by signing up at or contact me at

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That looks interesting, but who are you? There isn’t a single name or company or address, or any identifier on the website but you somehow expect people to trust you with their data.


Is there a demo instance available somewhere?

Thanks for your interest, Nikolas! I completely understand your concerns. The current page is just a landing page for finding interested teams as we finish development.

We’ll make big changes to the site, including much more company info and the usual Terms of Service, etc., as we get closer to launch.

We’re still finishing development, but we’ll use the mailing list to make announcements about testing it out when it’s ready.

Peeking at the the nonvalid SSL certificate (common name only permisable for * domain), we could guess this is a startup growing out from from an incubator, Heroku Inc. A neat project through!

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:grin: I guess I’ll finish setting up the HTTPS, since you noticed!

And as for who we are, I’ll share a bit @NikolasE and @ruffsl: We’re a small team out of the Boulder, Colorado area with a history both in robot and web development. We’ve come to feel that building smart and capable robots could be so much easier if it benefited from the kind of tool and services ecosystem that web development has developed over the last 20 years. ROS is already a great platform and we want to augment it with services that make developers’ lives easier.

With that in mind BotBags is our first project, based on our own pains. I’d love to hear suggestions or feedback from the ROS community, feel free to reach out here or directly at!

Update on BotBags! After some great feedback and community input, plus continuing development, a first BotBags beta experience is available at BotBags Beta.

Take a look, share your feedback, and let me know how I can further serve the ROS Community!

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