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Announcing the all new "neo_simulation2" package from Neobotix

Hello Everyone!

We at Neobotix are happy to announce our first steps towards migrating to ROS-2 . After the immense support given to neo_simulation, we have now developed it’s successor, which is named as neo_simulation2. The all new simulation package neo_simulation2, comes along with all the new ROS-2 features. Like it’s predecessor, neo_simulation2 package is fully equipped with all the Neobotix robots that is available in the market. By combining the novelty of ROS-2 and the state-of-the-art Neobotix platforms would allow the users to learn and develop various reliable and robust application that caters their needs in both the research and as well as in industries.In order to know further about our neo_simulation2.

Please visit our documentation to know more!

Link to our Github: GitHub - neobotix/neo_simulation2: ROS 2 simulation packages for the neobotix robots !